Articles To Look Out For This Coming May

The Enterprise Act 2016, Yet Another Insurance Tax Increase, Phil Finally Gets His Diary and Why Your Mother told You to Wear a String Vest.

The Enterprise Act 2016

The Enterprise Act became law in May 2016, we take a look at the act and what it means to SMEs, Corporations and Apprenticeships and how effective it has been in the last 12 months. One of the notable new laws will give SME's the power in some cases to claim damages against late payments. What are the implications of the Enterprise Act for insurance? We discuss the briefing sent out by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Insurance Premium Tax Increase

With effect from the 1st of June 2017 in line with the UK Government budget, the rate of IPT will increase by another 2% to 12%. What FML is doing to help our clients swallow the myriad of increases to insurance premiums and not just IPT. Increases are set to hit business owners across a wide range of industries when purchasing their business insurance cover.

We Love Rewarding Loyalty

When a customer has been with you through thick and thin for over 10 years, has braved modern technology to write a review and then jokes about not receiving a diary, then you better get them one and not some Poundland notepad with a company logo sticker on either. We like rewarding our clients with a little more than just great advice and considerable savings on obtaining their insurance. When you see real loyalty from a valued client it doesn't hurt to show your appreciation. This month we thank Phil Rugg

Why Your Mother told you to Wear a String Vest

This article is a bit of a mystery at present, no one seems to know who wrote it, how it ended up in my in-tray or what it's all about. I'll share this and many other articles over May as we barrel headlong through the last month of Spring and into the another Great British summer.


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