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1992 to the Present Day

Michael Scott was a successful Lloyd's executive but in 1992 decided to strike out on his own and set up Financial Movers Limited, later known as FML Insurance Services Ltd. Michael was a real team player when he was younger he played hockey for England and that team spirit was something that made FML shine.

In the May of 1994 Michael Scott teamed up with Finacial Advisers Micheal and Robert Stillwell and registered FML Insurance Services Ltd. FML Insurance services were originally set up as a commercial construction brokers and led the way in the terms of a small brokerage during the early to late 90s. Soon FML had a strong leisure team too and started to develop niche areas which insurers previously wouldn't touch. Michael used his connections to set up new policy wordings with insurance companies to deliver what he knew his clients needed.

Michael and his team developed the first short-term plant hire insurance policy as well as many other niche insurance products Many brokers followed but FML really stood out from the crowd. Around 2006 FML led the rankings on search engines for nearly every insurance product they could arrange. They were one of the first brokers to leverage social media and get the products in front of the business owners that needed them.

Michael stepped down from his directorial role in late 2008 to take a more hands-on approach to developing new areas of niche products. Then the recession hit, probably the worst recession I have seen in my lifetime, staff were asked to only work 4 days a week but many of us stood firm and gave up our free time to help get the company through the tough times.

In 2010 Michael Scott became ill. He didn't tell anyone but continued to work on. The new management team at the time just didn't have the same drive and many talented executives rightly started looking for greener and more secure pastures. Sadly Michael passed away in 2011 and for many, it just felt like the end of the road. That was the story up to October 2016. Some have tried to make a go of FML, they have tried to make it their own but they just didn't have the same dynamic to get FML Insurance back to where it once was and where it truly belongs.

Then along came Primo plc. FML Insurance Services Ltd had gone up for sale and Robin Foster-Taylor CEO of Primo plc had been watching and waiting to purchase FML and return it to its former glory. Many great people had been lost along the way in fact only 4 of the original team from Michael Scott's time were left, (Update 11/2017 due to 2 retirements only 2 of us are left) we do have some great new faces and some fresh young talent and with Primo plc's team for support FML Insurance Services' (now a trading division of Primo plc) ship is set to sail back to its rightful place.

What is that rightful place? You might ask, a professional brokerage team of course, who put the clients first and foremost as any good insurance agency should.

I have worked directly and indirectly for FML since 2006. Michael wasn't just my employer he was also a good friend and whilst this may not seem like the normal about us page that's because it's not. FML Insurance Services will never be just a job or a career to me it's like family and I just couldn't picture myself working anywhere else.

My name is Stan Byford and I have looked after FML's web presence since 2009. This is in no way representative of Primo plc, this is purely my personal knowledge and journey with FML Insurance Services. I have every confidence in Robin and those that work for Primo plc and I haven't said that about anyone before, except the man who started FML Insurance Services.

Here's to the future and to every business we help along the way.

Stan Byford
Front-End Developer and SEO Analyst
FML Insurance Services part of Primo plc


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