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Direct Sellers' Liability Insurance

£27.62 for £2 million liability
there is also £5 million available too

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Direct Sellers Insurance

Direct Sellers Liability Insurance

Direct sellers' liability insurance at a click of a button have a quote and purchase online quickly and simply, check with your supplier to see if they already have a facility with liability1st or Primo plc before going to the website.

Liability Insurance for UK Direct Sellers Less Than £30 Per Year

If you are considering self-employment as a representative, consultant or distributor you may want to consider purchasing direct sellers insurance.

Whether you have decided on selling Avon, Kleeneze, Herbalife or Tupperware or one of the many successful brands currently trading today insurance is essential.

If you are going to be interacting with people as part of your business venture, it's always worth doing a little research on what type of insurance you need and what cover it provides.

Protecting your business from liability for damages and injury to third parties should be your priority, as without insurance you are personally liable.

Sales Consultants Insurance, you'll be glad to hear, is cost-effective and to correctly cover yourself; the policy will less than £30 per year, in fact, we'll include some prices here from our parent company Primo plc, you may have come across them already on the Direct Selling Association (DSA) website, as Primo plc are the approved insurance supply member.

If you are working for yourself Primo plc will offer you public liability insurance for £27.62 including insurance premium tax and that's for 12 months, and £2 million liability, there is £5 million available too.

Best of all is you can purchase it online with a click of a button...

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Why Choose Primo plc's Liability1st?

Primo plc has been offering direct sllers insurance coverfor consultants, distributors and sales agents of DSA and non-DSA members for many years and understand the industry from all sides.

While you do not have to speak to a broker to obtain the cover should you need to or want to talk to someone then they are always on hand, you can even chat to them during business hours online via the primo plc website, or send a message to them out of business hours.

Over the years there have been many brand names come and go the most famous which pops to mind is Avon which is still going strong today. Many have made very successful careers out of direct selling, and for others, it's more a part-time venture that helps pay the bills or provide a little more money towards a particular goal.


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