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Marquee Hirers Insurance Covering your Business

Marquee Hirers Insurance

Insurance for marquee hire buusinesses, marquee hire insurance is liability with a range of cover options that can be applied to correctly cover your business' needs

Marquee hire business insurance cover

Marquee insurance cover arranged by FML offers you the unique insurance you need to cover your business correctly whilst still offering very competitive premiums. FML marquee insurance brokers contact the best underwriters to tailor your cover to meet your specific insurance requirements and then tie that all together in one simple to manage policy.

How marquee hire business insurance came about

Insurance for marquee businesses came about through our specialised marquee event insurance such as wedding marquee insurance, we then became one of the first brokers to arrange marquee insurance in the UK. We only approach A-Rated UK insurers to not only provide you with the correct cover but also to give you the extra security of knowing that in the event of a claim it will be dealt with quickly and professionally.

What can we arrange cover for?

No matter what size the event you're hiring your marquees to, we will obtain cover to suit, weddings, festivals, parties, concerts, public or private events with the cover we arrange you will never be restricted on the type of event you can comfortably hire to, just another way we ensure you can carry out your business without the worry of taking risks.

Marquee insurance ranges from liabilities to business premises, equipment, damages from vandalism and even natural occurrences.

Most needed insurance cover

  • Public Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Employers Liability (This is a legal requirement if you have employees)

Extra policy cover you may require

  • Business Premises
  • Stock and Equipment All Risks Cover
  • Goods in Transit and on Site
  • Business Interruption
  • Theft and Damage (stored and on site)

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