Are you tired of having to use more than one provider to insure your vehicles? Would you like all your vehicles on one policy?

Multi-Vehicle Insurance

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  • Multi-Vehicle Insurance

    Cover all your vehicles under one insurance policy with one renewal date
  • Cars and Bikes

    Standard, classic and modified cars and bikes covered
  • Campers

    Campers and motorhomes included on the same insurance policy
  • Commercial Vehicles

    Small commercial vehicles also covered under multi-vehicle insurance

    Multi-Vehicle Insurance

    Multi-Vehicle Insurance

    If you have more vehicles than drivers we have the insurance policy you need, standard, classic and modified cars and bikes, campers and small commercial vehicles all under one policy

    Arranged by Primo Plc

    Insurance for all your vehicles

    If you, like many others, have more vehicles than drivers then, just like them, there is probably a time of year you don't look forward and that's when it comes time to renew your insurance. Are you like many who have to trawl through several different providers? Do you often find that they'll cover your cars but not your bike? Perhaps your vehicles don't all fall into a nice tidy little category and that leaves you with that yearly chore you hate.

    Well our parent company Primo plc will become your new best friend, well maybe not but you will certainly appreciate the policy they have to offer. Multi-vehicle insurance, no not multi-car, multi-vehicle, yes insure all of your vehicles in one place at the same time. Let me take that one step further not only insure them all at the same time but they can all be tied into one single easy to manage policy.

    Multi-vehicle insurance reduces your paperwork

    It's true, Primo plc's policy offers such benefits as simplifying your insurance documents, allowing you to add other vehicles mid-year and tieing all that up into one simple easy to remember renewal date, it's true just one renewal date. Like many of Primo's clients, that sounds like music to your ears right?

    So what's the catch?

    I know there must be a catch right? Well, honestly there isn't, you might be thinking there are several vehicle types which may be excluded, usually in most circumstances Primo's policy will cover everyday cars, modified cars, classic cars, high-performance and high-value cars and the same goes for motorcycles, Primo can even cover motorhomes, horseboxes and some commercial vehicles.

    Even more benefits for drivers

    If you decide to take out a multi-vehicle insurance policy with Primo plc there are even more benefits to look forward to. Due to the fact Primo plc specialises in this type of insurance cover, they are also able to offer unique benefits such as comprehensive cover whilst driving someone else's vehicle instead of the standard third-party cover most policies holders receive.

    Type of insurance and cover

    • Third Party Only (TPO)
    • Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT)
    • Comprehensive (COMP)

    Cover specific features and benefits

    • Third Party Only (TPO)
    • Liability to others
    • Foreign use
    • Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT)
    • Liability to others
    • Loss of or damage to your vehicle (not including accidental or malicious damage and vandalism or windscreen cover)
    • Foreign use
    • Comprehensive (COMP)
    • Liability to others
    • Loss of or damage to your vehicle
    • Windscreen cover
    • New car replacement
    • Loss of keys and lock replacement
    • Medical expenses
    • Personal belongings
    • Personal accident benefits
    • Foreign use

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    Multi-vehicle Insurance

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