Herbie the Bulldog

New Primo plc Website and Almost Traded for a Dog

I just recently had one of those holidays, you know the sort where you look forward to returning to work. Grey skies and a photo that tormented me for three whole days, yes my new work PC had arrived. The office manager thought it would be thoughtful to send me a picture of it sat longingly on my desk while I was 200 miles away.

I returned to a mountain of reports I needed to get done, and the PC just sat there, teasing me. I took it and stuck it under my desk determined to get my reports done first.

Tuesday already and I couldn't resist any longer, and so I started the painful process of getting the all too familiar old computer cleared and everything ready to install on the new one. The first mistake, during the set-up it gave me a choice of two options, of course, I chose the wrong one.

Wednesday, after being berated by said office manager just because he had to spend his already busy day sorting it out, I sat down to set it up. Not so easy as it's new and my monitors (possibly salvaged from NASA's Apollo missions), didn't have the right connections, urgh.

Jessica the project manager of Grow Creative and Myself
Jessica my Grow Creative Guide

Thursday, at last, a day I was looking forward to, you see I was going to Leigh with my director for a grand tour of the new Primo plc website. We took his car, which conks out every time we stop. Apparently, that's a new feature; I just nodded politely, things haven't changed in motoring much in the last twenty years, my old car used to do that too.

We arrived and were greeted by Rich and Herbie, Herbie, by the way, is the Grow Creative's office mascot a beautiful boxer. For clarity, Herbie is a dog, not one of those guys that parade around with a gold serving plate stuck to their navel. I had made a new friend. I also met Michael (a clever chap who reminded me of an illustration in my recent children's' story) and Jessica who was to be my web tour guide.

Directors from Grow Creative and Primo plc
My director trying to strike up a deal to swap me for Herbie (They weren't having any of it)

I quickly found out that just like my director the Grow Creative directors didn't get my dry sense of wit either, however, Jessica did smile politely and I thought back to our journey here and my response to the conking out automobile. However, there was one very dapper fellow sat at the end of the table who did seem, at least, to share my sense of humour. After some stalking I now know him to be called Liam.

Jessica gave me a thorough tour of the administration area of the new site; I was going to say backend, but I know half the brokers in our office don't understand technical terms. I can't wait to see it live and at last people won't associate my skillset with the old site, which is a bit dated and probably built during the era of such hits as Ride on Time and Jive Bunny.

Here's to the next 30 years of the new Primo plc website.


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