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Rising insurance costs is not the news most high-risk businesses want to hear, however, 2017 will not only see premiums rise but also insurance premium tax which is yet again being raised by another 2% taking IPT to 12%. No business, especially those that work hard to keep their claims history clean, deserves to have to pay more. At FML insurance we thought about ways we could help our clients obtain the correct cover they need whilst not paying more year after year, so we came up with 2 solutions.

If you've had enough of rising charges and just can't afford to pay more every year and of course, if you don't want to compromise on your cover either you may think you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. You could, like these lads above, cut down your scaffold poles and create a new musical-themed novelty group and hope you make it big. Whilst it is an amusing notion it's very unlikely you will want to go down that route and let's face it painting yourself blue and beating each other with scaffold poles has sort of been done already. So, there has to be a better way surely?

Well, we thought the same thing and that's why FML insurance services are offering discounted fees to any client or new business that may be facing a premium increase this year. We hope that this will either soften the blow of any increases or negate them completely which is our ultimate aim.

Scaffolding contractors who wish to have economical premiums that are very competitive right now and you do not want to compromise on the levels of cover your business needs to be protected correctly, then you should consider giving us a call and let us not only arrange an excellent cover package on your behalf but also ensure you are not paying more than you have to then give us a call on 01702 225 440.

Alternatively, you can visit our scaffolders insurance page and fill out a scaffolders insurance proposal form.


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