Upcoming Season

Porsche 911 Giveaway, a Year's Insurance for £1 and our Home Town Project

The new year is now well under way and with so much keeping the team extra busy I thought we'd just take a quick breather and have a look at what's to come over the coming few weeks.

Next month marks the start of the 2017 leisure season and the busiest time of year for the FML Insurance team. This year we really want to make it special, a new owner in Primo plc offering a wealth of experience and support whilst we return FML Insurance Services back to its rightful place. A new website which will hopefully serve business owners a lot better and a host of new products, faces, helpful and interesting articles and to top it all off we'll be sharing some special times with insurers and clients alike.

Would you like to become the owner of a brand new Porsche 911 GT3?

Yes, tomorrow marks the start of the prestigious London Classic Car Show and Primo plc will be there with a beautiful Ford Mercury. However, for some, it's getting the chance to be the winner of a brand new Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a marvellous piece of automobile engineering. Not only that, but this car is exempt from road tax and you don't have to buy insurance, EVER!. How great would that be?

It's not a joke, although I may have skirted around the truth a little, it's the Lego Technics Porsche. Even so, it's no less a marvel of modern engineering. Over 2700 pieces make this the most sophisticated kit Lego has ever made (It was at the time of its release, haven't checked if they've made something even more challenging yet). When thinking of Lego most people think toys but this is a far cry from being a toy, it's complexity, working engine and gearbox and design meant that the serious collectors had stores emptied of these within half an hour of going on sale, but don't worry, come and see us at the show and enter the prize draw for a chance to become its new owner.

You can find Primo plc at stand B120 simply speak to one of the team members there and they will help you get your submission in. Whilst you're there take a look at the beautiful Ford Mercury we have with us this year and have a chat about cars or insurance or if you have the chance to speak to Paul he will astound you with his infinite knowledge of all things Lego (He doesn't really) I have to get my fun somewhere so please tell him I said to speak to him as he's a lego expert, oh, if you get a picture of him speechless for the blog that would really make my day, just post it on our Facebook page, thanks in advance.

Supporting New Ventures and Projects and Not Just for Businesses

I am currently, on the behalf of Primo plc and FML insurance, in talks with some local groups to see what we can do as a company to help restore a piece of local history. I, unfortunately, can't go into great detail about it at the moment but needless to say when I can tell you more I will. Perhaps if it goes off without a hitch I'll have another idea on how to help out other towns with projects they have. What I can say is it's all very exciting and I feel really privileged to be in a position now where I can do more not just for FML Insurance but our clients and friends too.

£1 Annual Insurance For a Special Client Marking a Special Anniversary

Another one I can't talk a lot about yet but definitely one article to keep your eye out for. Yes, in March we will be giving one of our clients a whole years business insurance for £1 on behalf of their insurer. You don't see this a lot, it's not a competition, its an insurer marking a special moment with a client FML introduced as a customer by giving them something back and that my dear readers are how real client focussed businesses roll, that's how FML now rolls, so watch this space.

Well, keep an eye out for those new articles coming over the next few weeks and once again thank you all for your support. Don't forget if you have any questions about insurance send them in or speak to our brokers and if you have any suggestions for articles you'd like to read send me a message using our Facebook Page.


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